Outfit Of The Day – Autobots Roll Out!

After all that talk about visibility, I suppose I had better show you what I look like.  Here is the first of probably many Outfit Of The Day or OOTD posts!  Of course, I didn’t actually wear this outfit today, but that’s beside the point.

A tall, fat, white woman (me) with short brown hair stands with hands on hips in front of a leafy background. She is wearing black-framed glasses, a black hoodie with an Autobots logo on it in red, a short skirt with a grey and white pattern, black leggings and black leather boots.

The skirt is actually a dress worn under the jumper.  A couple of years ago I never would have bought a dress that short, but these days I quite enjoy showing off my knees, even if in this instance they are swathed in my trusty Kmart leggings.  It was a cold and rainy day, and I was thoroughly enjoying the chance to be warm and cosy while still wearing a short skirt!  Those boots are seriously fantastic, warm and comfy and with plenty of room for my generous calves.

Hoodie: Carribean Market

Dress (worn as skirt): Evans

Leggings: Kmart

Boots: Autograph

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4 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day – Autobots Roll Out!

  1. leanneveitch says:

    Hi – you might also want to mention where you got your glasses from, and any other accessories if you wear them in upcoming photos e.g. hair accessories, hair colours, makeup and stuff. Just sayin’.

    Love the skirt *want* 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Hey, good point. I left the glasses off because I think of them as being utilitarian and not “fashion”, and because I’ll probably be wearing them in most of my OOTDs, but they’re from Specsavers! Where I go entirely because my health insurance allows me two free pairs of glasses a year from them 🙂

      • leanneveitch says:

        Glasses are *definitely* a fashion item. Then there’s the whole hair length issue thing – would LOVE to see you do an article on that! I read an article recently that basically said women over 40 should not have long hair (it’s “too youthful” supposedly), and overweight women should not have short hair (apparently it makes them look heavier). If I can find it, I’ll send it to you.

        According to that I shouldn’t have hair at all (I’m 41 with a BMI of 25 or thereabouts) – or maybe I should have half long, half short – the “new mullet” maybe? 😉

        • Sarah says:

          Ah yes, I’ve definitely heard the “fat women shouldn’t have short hair” thing before. It’s rubbish, as is any assertion that any age or body type excludes you from having any particular hairstyle! Have whatever hairstyle you like. I’ve heard that short hair makes one’s face look more round, but I have a round face whatever length hair I have, so why should I care if it looks rounder or not? I’m not entirely sure why having a round-looking face is supposed to be a bad thing anyway. I like my face.

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