Teach Your Kid Not To Be A Jerk

When I walked into the doctor’s office this morning, a little kid of about three or four yelled across the room:

“Mummy, Mummy, that girl is HUGE! That pink girl, she’s really big Mummy!”

Kids of that age often do make embarrassing or awkward observations about other people. I suppose it is possible that this particular child had never seen anyone as fat as me, and I’m comfortable enough with my own body these days that I wasn’t upset by such a comment from a little kid.

But while their mother spent a lot of energy shouting at her two young children for running around the waiting room – and even said “what have I told you about the doctor’s office? We don’t run around”, suggesting she is quite capable of instructing and reminding her kids about antisocial behaviour – she said absolutely nothing about one of them loudly commenting on a stranger’s size in public, where that stranger could obviously hear them.

Dear Lady and other parents, please teach your kids that some people are bigger than others and there is nothing extraordinary about this fact that needs to be remarked upon. Furthermore, whether or not it sinks in the first time, please teach them that is is rude and inappropriate to make comments about other people’s bodies, whether or not they can hear you. A useful rule is “Not your body? Not your business.”

I am pretty appalled that this woman thought running around like a normal little kid deserved sanction but judging a stranger based on their appearance required no comment. Your children’s behaviour towards strangers sometimes says more about your attitude than theirs.


2 thoughts on “Teach Your Kid Not To Be A Jerk

  1. Cerise says:

    I don’t want to like this, I want to love it!!!!

  2. Emma says:

    I get this from adults in regards to my piercings quite often. I don’t know why people think it’s okay to tell me the ring in my nose looks like a bull – actually it looks like a circular bar bell and *reminds* you of a bull’s ring, learn to use your language properly – but apparantly they think it is. I wonder if they’re the same people who don’t bother to teach children social behaviour.

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