A Note On Triggers

Trigger warnings are a common feature in many social justice spaces online and this blog will be no exception.  Trigger warnings are used to help protect people who might have an extremely strong and harmful emotional response to certain topics or materials (their personal “triggers”) from encountering these things unawares.  “Being triggered” does not simply refer to being made uncomfortable by, disagreeing with or even being offended by particular material, but rather a very serious psychological reaction that can have longterm repercussions, such as post-traumatic flashbacks, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and extended depressive episodes.  The purpose of trigger warnings is not to coddle or patronise survivors of trauma, but to give them a tool with which to decide whether, when, and how to expose themselves to potentially triggering material, rather than having it sprung on them unawares.

For a detailed discussion of the nature of triggers, particularly related to sexual assault, see Sexual Assault, Triggering and Warnings: An Essay by impertinence on Dreamwidth.  Be warned that this essay includes very explicit discussion of sexual assault, trauma, and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers, and could itself be triggering.  This essay discusses trigger warnings with particular reference to survivors of sexual assault and fanfiction writers, but the details are pertinent to any kind of trauma or any kind of material that may be triggering.

I am myself a survivor of sexual abuse and an eating disorder, and have been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder, all things that have left me with certain triggers I need to be wary of.  I try to be honest and open about these issues in the interest of reducing the stigma against assault survivors and people with mental illness, and also to help in my own continued recovery.  I like to have frank discussions about sex, eating and mental health, but am committed to using trigger warnings where these discussions might be difficult for some people to read (sometimes they will be difficult for me to write!).  Please let me know if you think I should add a trigger warning to any of my posts for any reason, and I will happily do so.

no diet talk

This blog is a diet-talk-free zone.

An Extra Note on Advertising:

WordPress now very occasionally displays ads on some blogs and pages.  As I can’t afford the paid subscription to eliminate ads, I am helpless to avoid this, and I also have no control over what kind of ads might appear on my blog.  It’s very possible that diet ads will show up because of the kind of keywords those ads are often tied to.  If you see a diet ad and you feel up to doing so, please take a screencap and leave a comment here to let me know about it.  I can then report it to WordPress.  If you’ve seen an ad on my blog that triggered you I am extremely sorry.  I’ll be upgrading to eliminate ads as soon as I am in a financial position to do so.


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