About Me

A round-faced white woman with short brown hair and black-framed glasses (Sarah) is holding a cupcake in one hand and pointing to it with the other

A round-faced white woman with short brown hair and black-framed glasses (Sarah) is holding a cupcake in one hand and pointing to it with the other.

My name is Sarah, and I am a fabulous femme feminist fashionista with a fondness for cupcakes, glitter and twinkle lights.

As a blogger, I’m interested in fat liberation (I’m a member of the Melbourne-based fat collective Chub Republic), feminism, queer and non-monogamous relationships and intersectional activism.  In my everyday personal life, I am a fat, white, cisgendered woman who is polyamorous and bisexual and dabbles in event planning, choral singing, illustration and design, baking for special diets (one of my partners has a lot of allergies) and sociology.  I studied sociology in my BA and Honours at uni, and hope one day to do a PhD in sociology, focusing on Fat Studies and the lived experiences of fat people (particularly to do with fashion and clothed embodiment).  Before my BA I studied a Certificate IV in Applied Design and three years of a Bachelor of (Fashion) Design; my interest in fashion has come full circle from wanting to be part of the fashion industry to wanting to critique, challenge and reshape it from a radical, fat positive, feminist perspective; in a word, fatshion.

The name “Radically Visible” comes from the idea of fatshion as a site of empowerment, emancipation and political activism for fat people.  To quote fatosphere blogger Kath of The Fat Heffalump:

“Being visible as a fat woman is one of the most radical acts of fat acceptance I can think of.  It is accepting myself as a fat woman, and it forces others to accept me as I am.  Suddenly I am visible, like it or lump it.”

Breaking Open The Beauty Paradigm

I believe that dress and body adornment are powerful tools in advancing the visibility of fat bodies, and in learning to love and take pleasure in one’s own fat body.  Learning that embracing my love of fashion and living in my size 26 body did not have to be mutually exclusive was a crucial turning point for me in my own journey to self acceptance and making peace with being fat.  Fashion (and fatshion) is not important to everyone and fat acceptance is not only for people who enjoy fatshion, but for those of us who do enjoy it it is very powerful indeed.  A lot of this blog will focus on Radical Visibility through fatshion, whether in the form of photos of my own body, my own outfits and my reviews of plus size clothes and accessories, or more critical discussions about the mainstream fashion industry and the fatshion community.

I’m sure other things are bound to come up, however, such as feminist, queer and poly issues.  I’m currently planning a poly wedding and am consequently thinking a lot about poly relationships and poly families.  I am a staunch believer in the old feminist adage “the personal is political”, so I’m sure the workings of my everyday life will help this blog develop beyond fat and fashion issues alone.  Everything is connected.  Think of this as my personal soapbox.

Stay tuned!

no diet talk

This blog is a diet-talk-free zone.

If you’re wondering about the image description, it is to make this blog more accessible to people who cannot see and use screen readers to browse the internet.  You can find out more about image descriptions for accessibility here.


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