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OOTD: Hello Spring!

The last couple of days have made it clear that spring has well and truly sprung in Melbourne.  It’s the kind of weather for breezy maxi dresses, picnics in the park and walks along the beach.  It seemed like a good day to try out a new spring jacket and some neon!

Me (a fat, blonde white woman) doing a selfie with a big smile on my face. I’m wearing neon yellow eyeshadow and a necklace of neon yellow and gold skulls. A little of my white short-sleeved jacket and black scoop neck dress can also be seen. There is a camellia bush in the background.

I am enjoying the current neon and metallics trend SO MUCH.  I wish more plus size designers would pick up on it.  For now, makeup and delightfully silly accessories are doing the work for me, alongside simple neutrals.

Full body shot! Me striking a slightly awkward pose (outfit photography is hard!) wearing a black maxi dress and a white cropped jacket with short puffed sleeves.

How cute is this jacket?  I often find City Chic is hit and miss when you are a size 26/28, as officially they only go up to 24 in stores, but this fits me like it was made for me in the XL.  Plus I just love the puffy sleeves.  This is going to get a lot of use this spring and summer, I can tell.

A close up shot of my necklace, a gold-coloured chain with five skulls strung on it, alternating neon yellow and gold.

Dress: Kmart, last summer
Jacket: City Chic, current season
Necklace: Diva, current season
Eyeshadow: The yellow from this BYS compact
Shoes: Ziera X-ray

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Outfit of the Academic Dinner, an awards night I ran recently as part of the Melbourne Intervarsity Choral Festival, a national festival of university-based choral singers. I figured if I was going to be running around MC-ing and organising things I may as well look fabulous while doing it! Of course, running around MC-ing, organising things and looking fabulous meant it was difficult to get a good shot of the outfit, but a friend provided me with this one!

Me, a pale-skinned fat woman, striking a pose in a blue and black ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and a full tulle skirt. The gown has scattered silver beading that makes the bodice and skirt look like the night sky. I am also wearing a black, long-sleeved shrug and a black top hat.

Oh my goodness, I adore this dress. It’s from a fantastic site called Sydney’s Closet that has hundreds and hundreds of extraordinary prom dresses, wedding dresses and ball gowns from sizes 14 to 44. If I could wear this outfit every day, I would. It makes me feel like a queen.

Gown: Sydney’s Closet
Shrug: City Chic
Top hat: pinched from le boyfriend. Not sure where it was from originally.

Outfit Of The Day – Autobots Roll Out!

After all that talk about visibility, I suppose I had better show you what I look like.  Here is the first of probably many Outfit Of The Day or OOTD posts!  Of course, I didn’t actually wear this outfit today, but that’s beside the point.

A tall, fat, white woman (me) with short brown hair stands with hands on hips in front of a leafy background. She is wearing black-framed glasses, a black hoodie with an Autobots logo on it in red, a short skirt with a grey and white pattern, black leggings and black leather boots.

The skirt is actually a dress worn under the jumper.  A couple of years ago I never would have bought a dress that short, but these days I quite enjoy showing off my knees, even if in this instance they are swathed in my trusty Kmart leggings.  It was a cold and rainy day, and I was thoroughly enjoying the chance to be warm and cosy while still wearing a short skirt!  Those boots are seriously fantastic, warm and comfy and with plenty of room for my generous calves.

Hoodie: Carribean Market

Dress (worn as skirt): Evans

Leggings: Kmart

Boots: Autograph

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