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By commenting on Radically Visible you agree to abide by the following:

  1. Check Your Privilege: I expect everyone commenting here to be aware of their privilege, whether it is white privilege, thin privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege, middle-class privilege or whatever.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself as much as you are able before wading into discussions for and about marginalised people.  Check out these helpful privilege 101 documents as a good starting point: Blog – “Check my What?” On privilege and what we can do about it (constantly updated)
    Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois – Checking your privilege 101 (pdf document)
    John Scalzi – Straight White Male: The lowest difficulty setting there is (specifically aimed at straight white cis males)
  2. Don’t Be A Jerk: Racist, ableist, sexist, fatphobic, homophobic, transphobic, slut shaming and otherwise prejudiced language is not welcome here.  If you are posting something problematic out of ignorance or by mistake, expect to be called out on your ignorance, by me and potentially by other commenters (who might not always be “nice” about it).  If you are trolling, don’t bother.  Deliberately hateful comments won’t make it past moderation (but I might post them separately to point and laugh at).  Threats, bullying and abusive language will also not be tolerated.  Oh, and don’t pick on thin people.  You can’t achieve body acceptance by shaming or slamming other people for the bodies they have.  “Real women” come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. No Oppression Olympics: Fatphobia is not “the last socially acceptable prejudice”.  Many, many systemic prejudices are alive and well and firmly entrenched in the social structures around us, even if they don’t seem as obvious to you (see rule #1).  Different oppressions lead to different experiences of oppression, which are all awful even if they function in different ways.
  4. No Diet Talk: Diets don’t work.  No, really.  You cannot talk about your diet here.  Note: by diet talk I don’t mean mentioning diets or eating habits ever, I mean discussing your weight loss goals, how many calories you think people “should” eat per day, or proselytising any weight loss technique, company or “lifestyle change”.  While I firmly believe each individual should be free to do what they like with their own body, that does not extend to talking about it in my space.  If you want to talk about your weight loss plans there are millions of places on and offline where you can do that, but since diet talk is ubiquitous, harmful, and can be triggering to many fat people including those who are survivors of eating disorders, I have decreed this a diet talk free zone.
  5. Relatedly, No Body Policing: Don’t make comments about other people’s bodies, fat or thin.  Every body is a good body.
  6. Fat Is Not A Dirty Word: I am fat.  Just like I’m tall and wear glasses sometimes and prefer skirts over pants.  I don’t shy away from the word and while I don’t expect everyone on every part of the body acceptance journey to be comfortable identifying themselves as fat, I definitely expect everyone commenting here to refrain from using “fat” as an insult or implying that it is self-evidently bad or undesirable to be fat.  Bear in mind that many fat people find medicalised terms like “obese” or “overweight” – which some may consider the polite terms to use when describing a large bodied person – much more offensive and upsetting than “fat”.

Some interesting further reading:

The Fat Nutritionist – Health At Every Size: choice or coercion?

Hoyden About Town – Silencing with “attack”, the misuses of logic and reclaiming emotion

Fat Hate Bingo!

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White Privilege Bingo 

Derailing for Dummies

There may be more rules and links to come in future.  The number one rule here is that this is my space and I reserve the right to set down the rules and change them whenever I like.  If you want to comment in a democratic space, join a discussion group.  This doesn’t mean I am not accountable for the things I say here, however.  I am committed to checking my privilege and educate myself about issues outside of my own experience, but everyone makes mistakes, and if I’m showing my ass I welcome you to let me know!


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