Here are some blogs and other sites that I like to read or think are useful resources.  This page is constantly under construction!

two manatees swimming towards the viewer with the macro-style caption "it's ok we still like you"

Australian Blogs

Fat Heffalump – fat acceptance, fatshion

Spilt Milk – feminism, fat acceptance, mental illness, motherhood

Corpulent – fat acceptance, fatshion

Definatalie – fat acceptance, fatshion, fance, art and illustration

Social Justice League – feminism, pop culture, geekdom, science, fat acceptance, intersectionality and all kinds of social justice issues.

Hoyden About Town – politics, feminism, health, parenting, disability, skepticism

International Blogs

The Rotund – fat acceptance, fatshion

Tiger Beatdown – politics, gender, disability, sex, race, pop culture and more!

Cupcake’s Clothes – fatshion

Sugar and Spice – fatshion

A Curious Fancy – fatshion

Le blog de Big Beauty – fatshion (in French and English)

The Fat Nutritionist – fat acceptance, eating, health at every size

Other Sites

Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory – an excellent metaphor for living with chronic illness.

I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder – a webcomic about coming to terms with an eating disorder.  May be triggering.

Derailing For Dummies – what it says on the box

Chub Republic – Melbourne-based collective of radical fatties.  Also active on Facebook, and now with awesome Brisbane Chapter!

My Other Online Spaces

Illustration and Design Portfolio

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